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 (Teen) Behind The Wheel Curriculum

(B.T.W. - 6 Hours)

Koby's Driving School L.L.C. strives itself to give each student the optimum driving experience and time within the State mandated six (6) hour requirement. We strive to give more driving time and mileage than other private and public schools. We can also interact with parents via e-mail or telephone on updates of their teen's progress and performance. Here are some of the areas that each student may drive while they are behind the wheel with our driving program.

Drive #1
1.0 - 1.5 hours

Low density residential driving with stop signed intersections. Students will be identifying signs, signals, lane markings, turns, proper stops, reference points, proper braking and accelerating, and turnabouts. (Usually done in the Pearl City/Waipio/Ewa//Kahala/Manoa/Hawaii Kai/ Lagoon Drive/but not limited to these)

Drive #2
1.0 - 1.5 hours

Light to medium density city driving, minor to complex intersections with signs and signals. Aims at developing skills to drive in safe lane position, more turnabouts, lane changing, some highway driving, pulling over to the curb and some parking exercises if time permits. (Usually done in the Kakaako/Kaheka/King St./Beretania St./Airport-Lagoon Drive/but not limited to these areas.)

Drive #3
1.0 - 1.5 hours

Understanding traffic laws, hills & curves, checking zones for lane changes, some highway driving, negotiating low speed and high speed curves, targeting, and safe following distance. (Usually done at the Pali/Sandy Beach/Hawaii Kai/but not limited to these areas)

Drive #4
1.0 - 1.5 hours

Understanding freeway driving, freeway entrances, freeway exits, weave lanes, U-turns .

 (Area of driving may include: H-1, H-201, H-2 or H-3 Freeways.)

Various entrances and exits depend on location of drive and not limited to these areas)

Drive #5
1.0 hours

Parallel, angle, and perpendicular parking. (Usually done in the Dillingham/Kakaako/Kahala/not limited to these areas.)

* (Hours and Areas to practice are estimates. Times and locations are not limited to above mentioned locations. Traffic and Weather also may determine start and end times and locations.)

* Prices may be subject to change based upon increasing fuel prices

* Current Honolulu Rail Transit construction and other State and City construction project will affect start and end times.

Teenage Curriculum

1. Students must attend and complete all 6 hours of BTW training with a Department of Transportation certified instructor.

2. Students must wear covered rubber-soled shoes with heels no taller than 1" inch,  hair to be managed so as not to impair vision or interfere with the safe operation of the vehicle and have their learners permit.

3. BTW (behind the wheel) lessons are non-transferable.

4. "Behind the Wheel Only" Program for Teen are 6 -8 weeks long.

5. Please be advised that the hours noted above are estimates.   Honolulu Rail Project traffic and other State Highway and City construction projects will hamper our driving curriculum and driving times.  Please be advised that we will deviate and change routes as construction projects and the Rail work moves through Kapolei to Ala Moana Shopping Center.

6. Behind the Wheel lessons are primarily "one on one " unless requested by the parents.

7. No Hand-held devices allowed in the immediate driver area.

8. Accomplishing all above items can be achieved if the student continues to practice with their parents/guardians and is proficient in advancing to the next lesson.

9. Locations listed are common areas practiced but are not limited to these listed locations.

10. Due to the popularity of our Combo-classes [Classroom+BTW]  We may not be able to accommodate outside                        [BTW Only] students.

Parent/Guardian Participation

1. Students must complete the state DOT requirement of 40 daylight hours of practice, and 10 night driving hours with a licensed driver over the age of  21 years old.. Upon completion, the record needs to be notarized and returned to the BTW instructor to receive the [Blue] Behind the Wheel and [Yellow] classroom certificate.  * please do not discard the certificates as you may re-use them when changing your license or purchasing a vehicle  out of state.

Evaluation and Grading

Students will be graded on their performance , participation and understanding of the in-class instructions and the safe operation of the motor vehicle.

On occasion a student may experience difficulty understanding a lesson. Sketches & Drawings may be given as notes to better understand.  Please have your teen work on these items as practice will show improvements.  Following lessons will include similar practices as improvement would be needed to advance to more difficult skills.