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Pricing and Availability Class Description Class Schedules Rules of Participation

BTW ( Behind The Wheel ) Rules of Participation:  (6.0 hrs/6 weeks long)

Students (Adults/Teens) must have a valid [Hawaii State] learners permit.

Teen student must attend and complete all 6 hours of BTW training with a Department of Transportation certified instructor.

Students must wear covered rubber soled shoes with heels no taller than 1 inch and have their hair to be managed so as to not impair vision or interfere with safe operation of the vehicle.

Cancellations must be called 24 hours prior to scheduled BTW drive time.

Teen BTW lessons are non-transferable.

"Classroom and BTW Program" will be a combined 6 week program

BTW "Only" lessons for teens will be a 6 week program.

Driving Sessions are approximately 1.5 hr lessons. (Please be aware that Construction & Traffic on the City Streets and State Highways may interfere in our lesson plans and end times beyond 1.5 hrs.)

BTW lessons are One on One. ( parents may ride in the rear seat of the car if you would like to monitor your teens performance)

*2014-2021  Honolulu Rail  and other Construction Projects will hamper our driving routes and times..  Changes will be made as the Honolulu Rail Project moves through Kapolei toward Downtown and Ala Moana Shopping Center.

Parents/Guardian Participation:

Teenage Students must complete the State D.O.T. Requirement of 40 daylight hours of practice, and 10 night driving hours with a licensed driver over the age of 21. Upon completion, the record needs to be notarized and returned to the BTW instructor to receive the [BLUE] Behind the Wheel and [Yellow] Classroom certificate to take the road test.

Please help your teen to practice safe driving by following traffic laws, this will help them become safer drivers without bad habits.


* stopping properly behind stop lines. 

* turning into proper closest lanes

* signaling properly ('100 feet prior to lane changing, turning and signaling for parking stalls)

* No "Hollywood" Stops on a Red light or Stop Sign.

** Right Turns at Stop Signs or Red Signal Light.. We will be instructing your teens to stop prior to the stop line.. If oncoming traffic is not visible from the first stop, we will instruct them to move in deeper to a place they can see oncoming traffic. (Meaning a 2nd stop) p.44 Hawaii Drivers Manual

*** In 2010 there were (19) Pedestrian Fatalities...(11) were in the painted crosswalk... (8) were outside of the painted crosswalk or on the sidewalk waiting at city bus stop or jay walking.   H.P.D. 2010 Statistics

Evaluation and Grading:

1. Department of Transportation (Act 175) states:

"All modules consist of concepts that are structured and presented in simple to complex building blocks. A student cannot progress to the next module of instruction until the student reaches a certain level of proficiency."

2. Students will be graded on their performance and understanding the In-class instructions and the safe operation of the motor vehicle.

Grading will be:

(OK) or (GOOD) Indicates that the basic level of proficiency was attained.

(NP) Indicates that the exercise was not performed.
(MP)Indicates that the student needs more practice.
* Oral or written suggestions and drawings will be made to the students to recap each lesson. Parents please let us know if you are interested via email or other means of communication on your teens performance. (Parents please work on these items prior to next drive lesson)