Introduction to Koby's Driving School

About the Instructor:

Yuki "Koby" Kobayashi is the classroom and behind the wheel instructor at Koby's Driving School LLC.  He has 27 years of experience in the field of training and driver education and 33 years of driving large trucks and buses.  Koby is a former Honolulu Police Officer and a former 3rd party Commercial Driver License examiner on Oahu. He is an instrumental contributor to the development of Leeward Community College's Commercial Driver's Education Curriculum.  He is also a Department of Transportation certified teen instructor.  Koby's experience has inspired him to teach teens and adults to drive safely and defensively. He is also bilingual in Japanese. Should you have any questions about Koby's Driving School and how we can meet your driving needs, please feel free to contact

Koby at: cellular Phone:  (808) 358-7275



We thank you for your continual support of Koby's Driving School.  

As our cup is overflowing, we would like to thank and recognize those who have graciously helped us to meet your driving needs:

 Mr. Bobby Marcello                            Mr. Charvis Bush                          Ms. Sandy Wataoka

Marcello's Driving Institute                             Keawe Driving School LLC                              Driver Rehab Hawaii LLC

  DOT Certified # 0150                                            DOT certified # 023                                          DOT Certified # 0414

   (808) 389-7709                                               (808) 291-9262                                              (808) 294-3269   

                                                                                                                                                       * Occupational Therapist/Certified Driver Instructor

                                                                                                                                                           * Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist