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2020 Pricing and Availability: 

Teenage Student Combo Package : Classroom&Behind the Wheel Instruction:

(38 Hours of Classroom Instruction +  6 Hours behind the Wheel Driving)

$ 550.00 - $ 100.00 <Godly Discount> = $ 450.00  ( Inclusive of State Tax )

*The Lord has blessed us tremendously so we would like to pass on the blessings to you.

Teenage Student Package: Behind the Wheel Only:

( 6 hrs. BTW which meets State Requirements )

$ 300.00   ( Inclusive of State Tax )

* Due to the popularity of our Combo package, we will accommodate our combo students prior to taking additional "BTW Only" students.

Teenage Student Package: Classroom Only:

( 38 hrs. of Classroom which meets State Requirements )

$ 250.00  (Inclusive of State Tax)

* please check [Class Schedule] page for classroom dates and times.

Additional Instruction: (Adult / Teen ) Behind the Wheel Driving

$ 60.00 per. hour @ 2 hr. minimum (inclusive of State Tax)

* English/Japanese speaking available

* Acceptable payments are: Cash or Checks only .
* Although a secure site, we wish to minimize chances of Identity Theft by not accepting Credit Cards
*  $ 100.00  deposit required to confirm a spot for a registered class (Classroom/BTW)
* Classroom/BTW  (Combo) packages are 6 -8 weeks long.
* It is also 6 weeks if you wish to take a Classroom Package or BTW Package separately.